Teaching studio

Michelle has been teaching harp for over 20 years from her private studio in Woodland Hills, (Los Angeles). An award winning professional harpist, she enjoys teaching students of all ages. Her instruction includes basic note reading and theory as well as standard  harp technique. Though her formative instruction was in classical harp, she performed professionally for over 30 years as a pop and jazz harpist in the Los Angeles area. She believes in the development of a strong classical technique as the basis for playing all genres of music on the harp.

Students of the Harp Studio participate in Bi-Annual Recitals as well as Group Lessons.  Intermediate Students have an opportunity to participate in the Harpworks Ensemble which performs in and around the Community throughout the year.

Private Lessons

BEGINNING AND INTERMEDIATE INSTRUCTION ON LEVER AND PEDAL HARP - teaching the basics of hand position and tone quality, as well as note reading and music theory.

BEGINNING - ADVANCED POP AND JAZZ ON THE PEDAL HARP - This is one of my favorite things to do. I truly enjoy working with intermediate and advanced classical harpists who are interested in learning to play pop and jazz on the harp. I know from experience that it isn’t always a smooth transition. Fortunately, I’ve had some amazing teachers over the years including Harvi Griffin, Dr. Carrol McLaughlin, Paul Hurst, Carol Robbins and Stella Castelucci. I’ve also benefitted from years of attendance and perfomance at many of the past Pop and Jazz Harp Festivals. Studies include contemporary theory, musical expression, and techniques for arranging for contemporary music for the harp.

SKYPE/FACETIME LESSONS - Live online lessons are available for former and current Studio students as well as new students who possess a solid technical foundation in harp. Skype/Facetime lessons require a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. If you are interested in Skype/Facetime lessons, contact Michelle to discuss if online lessons are right for you. 

To inquire about private lessons and pricing, please contact Michelle.

Harpworks Ensemble

Intermediate/Advanced students have the opportunity to join the HARPWORKS ENSEMBLE which performs in the community as well as bi-annual Senior Residence Facilty Concerts.  To listen to excerpts from recent concerts, click here.

To inquire about booking the Harpworks Ensemble, please contact Michelle by email or phone.

POP Lesson Series

The POP LESSON SERIES was designed to teach harp students to play a pop arrangement. I developed this series as a tool for students who are currently at a High Advanced- Beginner or Intermediate level of harp instruction and are interested in adding a pop piece to their repertoire. This is not a series that will teach you how to play the harp. I firmly believe basic harp instruction requires the hands on guidance of a qualified teacher. 

Each Series contains 3-5 Video Lessons which walk online students through the step by step process I take my “live” students through when learning a new arrangement. My goal in creating the Series is to provide an accessible, affordable, and engaging learning opportunity for harp students who, for one reason or another, are looking for an additional avenue for expanding their skills and repertoire.

Each Series includes the Video Lessons Set, a hard copy of the arrangement, a PDF of my personal teaching copy containing my brackets and fingerings, Audio Practice Loops, and Rhythm PDFs. Videos are available 24/7 and accessible for 12 months. Students who purchase the Series will also have 12 month access to the SERIES MEMBERS portal on my website where they can access  Series related tools and updates.

In addition to the satisfaction of adding a great new piece to your repertoire, each Series will also teach skills that students will be able to use again and again when approaching a pop piece. Students will learn arrangement specific techniques as well as a method for breaking pop pieces down into manageable learning chunks, a system for learning pop rhythms, and a strategy for increasing muscle memory. 

For more information about the Pop Lesson Series: A THOUSAND YEARS click here.